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Cliff & Joan’s garden opening: 15 Sept



Cliff and Joan Curtis’s splendid garden at 21 Chapel Street, Hac(c)onby, near Bourne, will be open on Sunday 15th September. They used to open the garden regularly, but have had some health problems and have been winding down this year. So if you haven’t been to this wonderful cottage garden, or if you’ve only visited at snowdrop time, do take this chance to revel in the rich autumnal tones of their hot border. It’s a dazzling confection of choice dahlias, grasses, salvias and yellow daisies, graduating into paler blues and purples of asters. These photos were taken a few years back, and the garden changes of course from year to year, but at Cliff and Joan’s it’s almost always for the better! And their home-made teas are legendary! Open 11am to 5pm, admission just £2 (for the National Gardens Scheme); plants for sale. It’s a bargain.



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