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Not only … but also


Well, that was interesting! And unprecedented: in all our 28 or so years I can’t ever remember having two speakers turn up on the same evening! It could potentially have been very embarrassing, but all was agreed most amicably. Rosy Hardy (of Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants, Hampshire) and Richard Hobbs (bulb specialist and owner of Witton Lane Seeds, from near Norwich) shared the evening 50:50 between them, professionally keeping precisely to their allotted 45 minute slots. Perhaps they spoke a little faster than usual, but they were an excellent double bill (fortunately their topics were complementary: late summer perennials; unusual bulbs for small gardens). We could hardly have planned it better … if we’d planned it!

I did a double bill myself once, many years ago, with local nurseryman Tim Rasell, for Rutland Hardy Plant Society I think it was, and it went off very well. He did a practical demonstration using plants in containers to lay out a mixed border for year-round interest, then I did a slideshow-talk of choice plants for all seasons. Tonight’s surprise game of two halves was a big hit with the members, even though we had to rearrange the furniture at half-time. Perhaps we should have another double bill some time – only deliberately!


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