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Chemical companies suing the Continent!


Chemical companies suing the Continent!

Incredible. Two giant international chemical companies are trying to overturn the Europe-wide two-year experimental ban on neonicotinoids (which the UK government is only joining in reluctantly) by suing the EC. Meanwhile bees are mysteriously dying in billions upon billions across the world, wherever and whenever their “safe” pesticides are used.

You would think that the big chemical companies would have learned the lessons of DDT, aldrin, dieldrin etc., and might test their products thoroughly before unleashing them? No, what a silly idea, if they can get farmers and gardeners to pay to do the testing for them!

According to a report by Matt McGrath, the BBC’s Environment correspondent, published in June this year, the neonicotinoids (which include imidacloprid, the vine weevil treatment) are also suspected of being highly dangerous to other wildlife, including birds such as partridge that might eat treated grain. The chemicals pass into the soil and leach into groundwater (in water, less than one part per billion of imidacloprid will kill mayflies); they can build up in soils at concentrations “far higher than those that kill bees” and can persist in soils for up to 10 years.



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