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ITV is looking for “Britain’s Best Gardens”


An appeal for help from ITV. Do you know of any suitable candidates? Part of a letter to the admin of the HPS about a new ITV 1 series with the cuddly Alan Titchmarsh to be called “Britain’s Best Gardens”.

We are seeking applications from the length and breadth of Britain with an array of horticultural wonders from the outrageous to the draw-droopingly* beautiful, the grand and opulent to the small and perfectly formed, this is the series that opens the gates to the gates to gardens that are works of art, labours of love, flights of feats and feats of engineering.


All private, domestic gardens are eligible for entry and I am hoping that you will be able to help me find some really extraordinary spaces.  Does any garden specifically come to mind? We are looking for a variety of different types, styles, sizes and themes and therefore we don’t know what Britain’s best private garden is until we see it.


In addition it would be lovely to hear about some of your personal suggestions of the private gardens that really stand out for you –  fantastic gardens where the commitment of the owner is exceptional, or gardens that have a special story or are pretty much the best of their kind.   Are there any that spring to mind?  I would appreciate any thoughts that you have.


If you can think of any other ways to help spread awareness about our campaign please let me know as it would be much appreciated. Our twitter account is @Uksbestgardens and our Facebook page “Britain’s Best Gardens” Please also circulate the press release with your friends, colleagues and family members and they might know of a hidden gem tucked away.


Feel free to contact me at any time on 0207 065 6929 or at  with any questions.

Janet Atkinson


*(I think perhaps she meant jaw-droppingly! Unless her drawers have particularly loose elastic?)

ITV Press Release (pdf file)





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