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Garden visit: Thursday 5 June


Thursday 5 June, 6pm.
Jill Lewis, Priory Cottage, Gelston Road, Hough on the Hill, NG32 2BH.

Jill Lewis's garden, Hough on the Hill

Jill Lewis’s garden, Hough on the Hill

Please meet at 6pm at the church in the centre of the village to look at some superb and unique woodcarvings by the churchwarden: he will give a short talk. Then on to the garden 6.30/7pm. Park on the road just below cottage where the road is wider (need to park carefully: the drive at the top of the garden will take 6 or 7 cars), or in the Brownlow Arms car park (only a short walk between church and cottage).
Garden entrance fee: donations to All Saints Church.

Jill has sent the photo (above), and says:

My garden is a cottage-style, random planting, sloping down to a stream. Natural springs, which are a feature of the land in Hough on the Hill, mean it has wet areas all the year round. It overlooks a wood which is not mine but has been thinned out allowing better light into my garden.
Paths wind through the garden, but it can be viewed from terrace if limited mobility.
Will offer tea, coffee or glass of wine.

Please telephone (01778 570302) or email Sharron if you would like to go (just to get an idea of approximate numbers).



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