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Do you grow – or know – ‘Brimmer’ marrow/courgette?


I’ve recently had a request from a gardener in Scotland who found our website and has made this unusual appeal to our members:

I am trying to trace a variety of courgette/marrow which for many years we grew successfully in our home in East Fife. I gather from the Garden Organic Seed Heritage Library that they too have lost track of it. They tell me that the variety ‘Brimmer’ was apparently traded by Charles Sharp in Lincolnshire until 1996, at which point Sharp’s was taken over by Zeneka. I am on to my 9th variety to try and find something to replace it, and have so far drawn a complete blank. ‘Brimmer’ grew well in our short eastern season, and produced large courgettes/small marrows which had a skin which was still edible, the skin only getting harder when they were a considerable size. In desperation I am wondering if anyone in Lincolnshire has kept the variety going!

Yours sincerely,
Rosalind Garton

If you click on Rosalind’s name above, an email form should open up in your own email program. If not, her address is r.e.garton(at) (replace the (at) with an @ sign, of course).

Rosalind adds:

Thank you very much, Simon. I have come to the conclusion that the only way forward with this is to ask other gardeners, + since ‘Brimmer’ seems to have been last heard of in Lincolnshire, this seems a good place to start!
Good wishes


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