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Just a reminder about the HPS Plant Fair


The HPS Plant Fair is this weekend at Swines Meadow – don’t miss it! (See previous post for full details.) I thought I’d better post a reminder, because of the way that the short version appears in the sidebar of this web page (it gives the posting date beside the headline, so at first glance it can look as though a forthcoming event has already happened!).

But I’m afraid that if you weren’t there this morning, you have missed Jackie Murray’s Unusual Plant Sale in Little Bytham … and if you weren’t there on the dot of 10am you missed out on the pick of the rarities! I only live just down the road, and stupidly got there at 20 past, to find half-empty tables, and many happy ladies sitting chatting, drinking tea or coffee and eating home-made cakes, with contented smiles on their faces, and baskets full of choice plants safely clustered at their feet…


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