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An apology


Dear SLGS members, I must apologise for not having kept the website fully up to date recently. I’ve had problems with my computer, which crashed and had to be wrestled back to life in stages, with the urgent graphic design jobs that I was working on at the time of the crash obviously having to take priority. Fortunately I managed to recover the files and was still able to make some last-minute changes and send the layouts off to the printers in the nick of time! When that was all accomplished satisfactorily the machine had to be taken to Leicester to be coaxed back to full health at the Apple Centre. Even that wasn’t the end of the story, as then I had to reinstall all my old operating system and programs, email, calendar, reconnect to the internet etc etc etc. It’s been endless (and the process is still not quite complete). But I’m getting there! Thank you for your understanding, Simon.

PS I’ve now started adding some brief listings for July and August.


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