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Original constitution (1987)


The first SLGS constitution, written between 1985 and 1987, was based on that of the Hardy Plant Society (both have been updated since then).

The latest version of the SLGS constitution can be found here.



Founded 1985


The title of the Society shall be:- The South Lincolnshire Garden Society.


The objects of the Society shall be:-

  1. To advance the culture and study of unusual and rare plants.
  2. To pool knowledge and propagation material without detriment to Nurserymen.
  3. To organise talks and presentations by specialists both from within the Society and outside.
  4. To organise visits to local and distant gardens and nurseries and generally to do all such acts as shall further the active and corporate life of the Society and may lawfully be done by a body established only for purposes recognised by the law of England as charitable.


a.  An application for membership must be signed by the applicant who on payment of the first subscription shall be deemed to be a Member of the Society and to have agreed to abide by this Constitution.

b.  Individual Members of the Society and joint Members shall pay such sums as a General Meeting shall from time to time determine. Joint Members means not more than two people using the same postal address. Each member shall be entitled to one copy of any publication or notice issued by the Society but in the case of two people paying the reduced rate for a joint subscription only one copy shall be given to the two members.  Each member (including both parties in the case of joint membership) shall be entitled to one vote at any General Meeting.

c.  Horticultural or other Societies, clubs local authorities, companies, firms, institutions, or similar bodies may become affiliated to the Society on payment of a fee of such annual sum as may be determined from time to [time] by a General Meeting. An affiliated body shall be entitled to the same privileges as two ordinary members of the Society except that it shall have no representation at any General Meeting and may not vote at a General Meeting.


  1. The Executive Committee may call upon any individual to resign from the Society and if the member does not so resign within twenty one days after being so called upon the Executive Committee may by resolution terminate his/her membership.
  2. The Executive Committee shall not be required to give any reason for requesting a member to resign but before coming to any decision the Executive Committee shall give the member affected proper facilities for stating his/her case to them.
  3. The Executive Committee may without stating any reason by resolution terminate the affiliation of any affiliated body.

e.  The Executive Committee may at any time without stating any reason refuse to accept a renewal or (a) the subscription of any member or (b) the affiliation of any body.


a.  The first annual subscription and thereafter a renewed subscription shall become due on 1st January in each year.  Membership is continuous and, unless written notice of resignation is received by the Secretary not later than 31st December in any year, a member shall be liable for his/her subscription for the following year. A new members subscription paid after 20th September in any year shall entitle him/her to all privileges without further payment until 31st December of the following year.

b.  A member whose subscription is in arrears on the 30th day of June next after it has become due shall not be entitled to any of the rights and privileges of membership and shall be deemed to have resigned.

c.  In this clause the term “member” shall include an affiliated body or individual, the term “subscription” an affiliation fee and an annual fee and the term “membership” affiliation of any body or an individual.


The Executive Committee may elect any person as an Honorary Member for such period and subject to such conditions as they deem desirable.


The financial year shall end on 31st December of each year.


a.  The Annual General Meeting of individual members of the Society shall be held once in every calendar year before the end of November to transact the following business:-

  1. To receive, and if approved, adopt the annual report and an audited statement of the accounts to the end of the last preceding financial year.
  2. To elect the officers and other members of the committee.
  3.  To elect an auditor
  4. To deal with any special matter which the Executive Committee desires to bring before the members and to receive and consider suggestions from the members for consideration by the Executive Committee.

b.  A notice convening any General Meeting shall be sent to all members not less than twenty one days before the meeting and shall specify the business of the meeting but only individual members whose subscriptions are fully paid up to the date of the meeting and are not in arrears many attend thereat and vote.

c.  Any resolution for consideration at any General Meeting must be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than thirty days before the date appointed for the meeting.  The Executive Committee may direct that any resolution which appears to them to be scandalous or vexatious be not placed upon any agenda or discussed at any meeting.

d.  An Extraordinary General Meeting of the society may be called at any time by the Executive Committee and shall be so called within thirty days of receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a requisition in writing signed by not less than 10 members, stating the purpose for which such meeting is desired and setting out any resolution which it is proposed thereat.  No business shall be transacted at such a meeting other than that specified in the notice, and no amendment to any resolution proposed at the meeting shall be allowed.  The Chairman of the meeting shall be nominated by the Executive Committee.


a.  The following officers of the Society shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting:- Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer/Membership Secretary.  The business and affairs of the Society shall be managed by an Executive Committee of individual members of the Society consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, not more than six elected members of the Society and any members co-opted under the provisions of sub clause (f) below.

The Annual General Meeting may also, if it so desires, elect a President and Vice President.  The Executive Committee may appoint and remove a Publicity Officer and any other officer as it considers desirable.  Any vacancy occurring in any elective office may be filled by the Executive Committee but any person so appointed to fill any vacant office shall retire from office at the following Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for election.

b.  Nominations for Officers and Members of the Executive Committee must be received by the Secretary in writing not less than fourteen days before the date appointed for an Annual General Meeting.  Prior written permission of any person being nominated must be obtained.

c.  Five members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum.  The Committee shall meet from time to time as may be necessary.  Seven members of the Committee may by signed written notice to the Honorary Secretary request a meeting of the Committee and if such meeting be not called within thirty days of the despatch of such notice the said seven members may themselves call a meeting of the Committee by seven days notice in writing sent to all members thereof.

d.  The Officers of the Society shall retire each year but be eligible for re-election.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall also be eligible for re-election each year, subject to serving normally a maximum of two years.  Two members of the Executive Committee shall be elected annually to serve for three years and shall  not be eligible for re-election for twelve months following this period.

e.  The Executive Committee may fill by co-option any casual vacancy which may occur in their number but the person so filling the vacancy shall retire at the Annual General Meeting next following his/her co-option and shall be eligible for election.

f.  The Executive Committee may in addition to the officers and members elected at the Annual General Meeting co-opt not more than five members but such co-opted members shall be limited to serve no more than the year.


The Executive Committee may appoint sub-committees to consider and report on any matter, members of such sub-committees need not necessarily be members of the Executive Committee. At least one member of each sub-committee shall be a member of the Executive Committee.  Unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee, all sub-committees shall elect their own Chairman and have power to co-opt not more than three members.  The Executive Committee may alter the membership of any sub-committee at any time and no sub-committee shall have power to act on behalf of the Society unless expressly authorised to do so by a minute of the Executive Committee. No sub-committee may spend any money on behalf of the Society unless expressly authorised to do so by a minute in writing of the Executive Committee.


The rules of the Society may be altered at an Extraordinary General Meeting or Annual General Meeting and at least twenty one days notice of any meeting to effect a proposed alteration shall be given to all members. In order to effect an alteration of a rule, at least two thirds of the members actually present at the meeting shall vote in favour of the proposed change. No amendment to any proposed alteration shall be allowed.


All money payable to the Society shall be received by the Treasurer or such other officer as shall be appointed to receive the same. All funds belonging to the Society shall be deposited in the account in the name of the Society and no sum shall be drawn from this account except by an order signed by such persons or person as the Executive Committee may direct. Any moneys not required for immediate use may be invested by the Executive Committee as herein authorised.


The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non receipt of notice of a meeting by, any member shall not invalidate any proceeding or resolutions at any meeting of the Society or any committee thereof.


A motion to dissolve the Society may only be made at an Extraordinary General Meeting and to effect a dissolution at least three quarters of the members actually present at the meeting shall vote in favour of the dissolution. If a motion to dissolve the Society is carried by the said majority the Society’s surplus funds, property and assets (if any) shall be disposed of for charitable purposes in connection with horticulture as the members may at the said Extraordinary General Meeting decide; or failing any such decision to a charity connected with horticulture to be nominated by the President of the Royal Horticultural Society for the time being to the intent that no member of the Society shall receive any of the said funds, property and assets by virtue of his/her membership.

EME June 87


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