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(Page updated 11 Jan 2016)

RHS website pages

MAIN PAGE – the RHS Homepage.

The RHS website is huge and seemingly all-encompassing, but it can take ages to find what you want – and then to remember where it was when you want it again! Here are some quick links to useful pages.

Advice – the RHS experts’ online advice pages.

Plant Finder – the RHS Plant Finder – the indispensable annual reference book is now combined with other useful online tools.

Database – the RHS’s horticultural database – if you need to verify a plant name, look here.

Magazines – the RHS magazines and journals. Some articles (and online extensions to articles) are available free, in pdf format.

New plants – Graham Rice’s blog about new plants, part of the RHS’s My Garden forum area. (Ran until April 2014, about the time of his unexpected heart attack – from which he is now fully recovered. The old pages are still online. His Transatlantic Gardener blog – see below – kept going nevertheless.)


Gardening blogs

silvertreedaze – Nigel Colborn’s delightfully opinionated blog. Seems to have ground to a halt…

Ian Young’s Bulblog – Scottish bulb expert Ian’s informative blog is not just about bulbs. He has updated this blog every week since 2003! Hosted by the Scottish Rock Garden Club.

John Grimshaw’s Garden Diary – A personal view of the world of horticulture and plants by this gardening botanist and author, now living and working in Yorkshire as Director of the Castle Howard Arboretum Trust.

Transatlantic Gardener – Graham Rice’s international blog.


Other gardening societies

Alpine Garden Society – alpine plants, rock plants and other small hardy plants and bulbs.

Lincolnshire Daffodil Society – founded in 1902, it holds an annual show in early April (formerly in Spilsby, now at Springfields, Spalding).

Plant Heritage (NCCPG) – Plant Heritage, formerly the National Council for the Conservation of Plants & Gardens.

Scottish Rock Garden Club – the Scottish Rock website.

Hardy Plant Society.



Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries – Vanessa Cook’s nursery near York.

Cotswold Garden Flowers – Bob Brown’s splendid nursery near Evesham.

Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries – Vanessa Cook’s nursery near York.


Other useful websites

National Gardens Scheme – gardens to visit all over the country.

Invitation to View – website & booklets on private gardens & houses, manors, halls and such like (of small to medium acreage) in the East of England that you can visit privately. (Booklet also available for the Southwest.) (Thanks to Liz Machin for bringing this to our attention.)